Labor Day Trivia Questions & Answers

Labor Day Trivia Questions & Answers

Labor Day Trivia Questions & Answers

It is a never-ending job! While some of us work for 18 hours per day, others struggle in the heat and cold to raise our children.

Nobody thought of taking a vacation to commemorate all the hardships the laborers endured while trying to reach something up to 1894.

The federal holiday actually is called the “labor’s holiday holiday”. It was established in 1921 to honor laborers around the globe. In some countries, it is also called “International Worker’s day”.

Happy Labor Day!

Historical Background of Labor Day

Labor Day, which is observed worldwide on the 1st of May, is celebrated. Although it may be different in each country, most countries share the same date of 1 May every year. Labor Day was created by the Labor Union Movement, which began in the 19th century. Every year, an international holiday has been celebrated to pay tribute to workers around the globe. In 1887, Oregon became the first state to declare Labor Day a holiday. Labor Day was the first day that a Waffle House opened. The first Waffle House opened its doors to the public in 1955 in Avondale Estates (GA).

Okay! Okay! The perfect Labor Day Trivia Questions and Answers Quiz Worksheet has been created by us. It is both entertaining and really fun. This Labor Day trivia game is perfect for geek kids. Don’t wait any longer, take the quiz to see how much you know about Labor Day.

10 Fun Facts about the Labor Day that You Didn’t Know

Did you know that Labor Day is the official kickoff of the NFL’s season? This is because the NFL’s first official season game is played the Thursday following Labor Day. Scroll down to find out more fun facts about labor day.

  • On September 5, the first ever US Labor Day, was observed. The Central Labor Union planned 1882 in New York City on Tuesday, September 5, 1982.
  • Canada was the first to adopt the American Labor Day concept in honor of its Labor Movement. To support striking workers, they also organized a “9-hour Movement”.
  • Oregon was the first state to recognize Labor Day. This legal holiday was first observed in 1887.
  • Grover Cleveland made Labor Day a National Holiday in 1894 when he signed an Act establishing a federal holiday.
  • On June 28, 1894, a congress passed an Act to make Labor Day a legal holiday that can be observed on the first Monday in September.
  • Labor Day weekend is the busiest weekend for travel.
  • Research shows that thousands of mothers would go into labor on Labor Day, resulting in nearly 10,829 children being born on Labor Day.
  • Labor Day is also known as the end of Hotdog season. According to the National Hotdog and Sausage Council, Americans consume approximately 7 billion hot dogs each year.
  • The average workday before the Labor Day Act was passed was 12 hours, seven days per week, even for children under 5.
  • Peter McGuire is believed to be the father Labor Day.

Labor Day Trivia Questions & Answers For Kids & Adults

The United States of America celebrates Labor Day on the first Monday of September. Labor Day is a celebration of American labor and the active contribution that workers have made in ensuring the country’s power, prosperity and happiness.

It’s Monday of the long weekend, also known as Labor Day Weekend. It is a federal holiday. Labor Day is known as the “unofficial ending of summer”, because it marks the end to the cultural summer season. Labor Day is celebrated each year to honor and recognize the achievements of the 155,000,000 men and women in the U.S. workforce.

Q. When is Labor Day celebrated in Canada and America?

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The first Monday of September 

Q. Which country celebrates Labor Day on first of May?

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Q. Who is widely believed to be Father of Labor Day in America?

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Peter McGuire

Q. Which city in the United States of America was the first to celebrate Labor Day?

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New York City

Q. The famous 19th-century activist Peter McGuire was assigned a nickname, what was it?

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Distributor of Public Peace

Q. The first labor strike in the U.S. believed to have occurred in which year?

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Q. The Labor Day Parade was held in America in which year for the first time?

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Q. There were several obstacles to Southern economic growth, which was not among them?

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New Business, “taxes”

Q. A small town where everything was owned by a mill company was?

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 Mill Town

Q. The Act which vaguely worded and led to the dissolution of many labor union was named?

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 Sherman Anti-Trust Act.

Q. The Great May Labor strikes of 1886 were all about?

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The eight hour day

Q. What was the name of the strike which led in making Labor Day national holiday?

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  The Pullman Strike.

Q. The Labor Day Strikes of 1886 ended in which place?

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin  

Q. What was the name of the secret organization which provided the basis of American Federation of Labor?

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 The Knights of Labor

Q. What is the Ghost Union originally?

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A union run by a company.

Q. The bill which made the Labor Day a national holiday was signed by which U.S. president?

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Grover Cleveland

Q. Who actively recruited the members of Knights of Labor?

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Mother Jones

Q. What was the name of the nonunion sanctioned strike?

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Wildcat strike

Q. What was the name of the labor union founded by William Sylvis?

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  National Labor Union

Q. The National Labor Union collapsed how many years after the death of William Sylvis, the founder?

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Four years later

Q. What was the name of the leader of Pullman Strike who was also arrested?

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Eugene V. Debs.

Q. The book which advocated socialism, written by Herny George was named?

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 Poverty and Progress  

Q. How were many labor leaders arrested after the bombing of Haymarket Square

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Q. Out of eight labor leaders who were arrested at Haymarket square how many were hung and pardoned?

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  Four were hung and three were pardoned

Q. The Oshkosh woodworkers strike (1898) was held to resolve which main issue?

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Pay raises

Q. The eight hour day came into effect in which year?

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Q. The largest Labor Union in the United States in 2005 was?

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National Education Association

Q. What was the name of the leader who organized the California Farmworkers?

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 Cesar Chavez

Q. Who was assassinated while in Memphis to support a strike of Garbage workers?

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 Martin Luther  King, Jr.

Q. Which philosophy implied that the ”drunkard belonged in the gutter” and should be left there?

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  Social Darwinism

Q. Which union was founded by Samuel Gompers and advocated for the eight-hour workday?

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 American Federation of Labor

Q. Which term was chosen for the rich industrialists who dominated American politics in the Gilded Age?

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Robber Barons

Q. The person who controlled 90% of all oil refined in the U.S. was?

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 John Rockefeller

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